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It operated from Asheq Lane near Lion Cinema. Towards the west in the heart of Chawk Bazar was Pakistan Hotel. It served breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast contained many items - nan ruti, nehari.

The other items were puri, doi bundia small pellets of sweet placed in sweetened yoghurt, bhaji, kala jabun a sweet with burnt black coating etc. For lunch and dinner there were fine quality rice, plain biriyani, tehari rice with smaller pieces of beef, smaller sizes of potato and even peas , kachchi biriyani, morog polao, curry of fish Hilsha , mutton or chicken.

Nearby was Alauddin Haluwai - today's Alauddin Sweetmeat specialising in puri, jilapi and halwas.

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The eminent personality of Dacca Hakim Habibur Rahman of Chowk Mogaltuli set an illustrious example of hosting breakfast of Paya at his residence. Dastarkhan or floor spread was placed on the floor with decorated badna water container and chilumchi container for spilled over water from hand washing.

Hakim Sahab and his guests sat around it. Nan ruti and paya was served.

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It was a tradition that was Dacca's own. An eating house that survived the march of time is Haji's mutton biriyani on Kazi Alauddin Road.

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It started in late forties or early fifties and still survives. The tradition of Haji's biriyani is that it is cooked on firewood and the cooking procedure continues. There are two servings one in the morning and one in the evening. In the fifties the price of full plate was 8 Annas 50 paisa. Parcel packages come in oval shaped bowls made of stitched jackfruit leaves with a piece of paper as cover.

A city, a town or a settlement speaks of the time it has seen, how it has changed with the time, the people who lived it and how they lived it.

enter site It was Dacca. The eating places were a part of its heritage.

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A journey through it is an acknowledgment that there would not have been a present without the past. Source: News Today. Tastebud, Banani. Foreign cuisine has graced our palate for some time, but doubts have remained as to how foreign the offerings were. But recent times have seen a shift towards exotic flavours, in other words a more faithful and authentic rendition of foreign cuisine. No frills and the implicit promise of quick satiation. Promising indeed.

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Ambience The interior decor is nothing to write home about, or even send a whatsapp message. Which is not bad if you think about it. The layout is very much fast food with a counter at one end, the kitchen beyond a frosted glass wall behind it and square tables seating four taking up the rest of the rectangular space.

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The KFC menu is comprised of several inexpensive, but quality choices. Here at foodpanda you can find our Exclusive Discounted Deals, which are among our. Kentucky Fried Chicken provides yummy dishes right at your doorstep. Get home delivery of your favorite KFC chicken and meals all over Pakistan.

The aromatic assault of spices, the cornerstone of Thai cuisine, will tell you that your taste buds are in for a novel treat even before you have taken a seat. Service To gauge quality of service one must first try to determine what type of restaurant it is. On all our three visits yes, that is how committed we are the food was at the table within three or four minutes of ordering. That there are waiters to serve you is a departure from the fast food experience. Even if the waiters are not overly friendly or ever-smiling, they are efficient and know enough of the menu to walk you through it.

Food The food can best be described as a complex blend of competing flavours. Strong flavours make up the dishes, as indicated by the aroma when you walk in.

Red chilli is a common ingredient, as also is what is called Thai spice. The authenticity of the place will be starkly obvious when you open the menu, probably expecting to see the ubiquitous Thai Soup right at the top. Along with the soup, we recommend an order of fish cakes. Just the right level of sponginess beneath the deep-fried exterior, the fish cake makes a stellar combo with the sweet tartar sauce that accompanies it to your table. Another favoured ingredient it seems is coconut milk, which vies for primacy in dishes like Panang Neua beef in dry red curry with coconut milk and steamed rice , a quite spectacular dish.

On our three visits so far, the food has been quite excellent and lives up to the promise of intriguing flavours. Value for money Like the service, any judgement will have to be informed by what type of restaurant it is. With the fast service that offers a cuisine that you may expect at proper dine-in places, we think it falls somewhere in between a fast food joint and a proper restaurant.

In that respect, the prices main courses fall between Tk. Located near the university hub, it attracts a lot of students, besides some Thai diners, attesting to the authenticity of the cuisine. Our rating: 3.

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I guess you were right when you said every letter has been prefixed to FC in Bangladesh. Among the many restaurants that have lined the high streets of Dhaka many are those that you, our average reader, would have to think twice or thrice about before going to eat there. That fund of modern knowledge, Google, does not provide any hard and fast answers or parameters within which fine dining falls. There are some vague notions of ambience, service, quality of cuisine, etc.

But it is all pretty open-ended. What so fine about itIntuitively, one thinks that a dinner at a fine dining place should have some sort of tornado effect on the wallet. The importance of the latter cannot be overstated in a city where traffic jams may form from as little as a car idling in a side street for more than a minute.

Sangita Ahmed, Managing Director of Skyroom and Managing Partner of TimeOut, is well placed to comment on the issue as she is involved with two brands that offer widely diverging dining options. Skyroom at one point was one of the only quality dine-in options in Dhaka outside of the five-star hotels and TimeOut started as the quintessential college hangout.

She believes that the economic state of the majority of diners in a country should dictate what fine dining means. She suggested that upscale dining should not just be about the price, but more about how the service is. They are reminded that after parents the most important people in our lives are our guests, because we derive our income from them. She picked Spaghetti Jazz, Skyroom a restaurant that she had taken over four years ago , Spitfire and Saltz as worthy mentions as far as quality of food goes.

She has also brought into focus the recent trend of Dhaka eateries offering the complete entertainment package with live music sessions. This motley crew confirms that the definition of fine dining in Dhaka is quite open-ended. You might not agree with all of them Star Kebab is certainly a jolt! What so fine about it Simon Mansoor, who works in private service, highlights the importance of service. The final verdict has to be that even if a place is expensive, it has to have good enough reasons to be so.

If it is not so, in a country where a reasonable price bracket will attract the most customers, it must do its best to keep the customers with excellence of service and consistency of cuisine. In the end you have to make up your mind. Whatever you do, demand only the best.

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Banani Bonanza by Ayesha Binte Towhid It was not long ago when people flocked to areas like Baily road, Dhanmondi and Gulshan for taking a break from regular meals. But in the last few years, a new option has been added to the list of food places. In recent times, Banani Road 11 has become the new hub for food lovers. With universities, markets, boutique houses and corporate offices established here, good food places are a demand of time. Trends, introduce you to three new food places which promise to serve quality food within affordable range.

Puran Dacca Restaurant Restaurant and cafes are mushrooming every day. At Banani you are likely to come across a food place almost in every street you go! Although we see a new foreign cuisine restaurant opening every now and then, little focus has been given to promote our local Bengali cuisine! And when it comes to Bengali food, we love to define it with the delicacies of old town of the city. Terms and Conditions: - Only one deal can be purchased against one Masterpass QR transaction via Fonepay App, multiple transactions are allowed. Fridays are truly blessed and what is better than a Buy 1 get 1 Free offer on a blessed day?

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Buy 1 zinger and 1 drink and get 1 zinger and 1 drink free only for Rs on 24th November KFC Pakistan presents Ramadan offer - Ramzan festival with 2 zingers 2 Value Burgers, 4 Chicken pieces, 4 flavoured milk, 4 samoosas, 1 lays family pack, 2 dinner rolls and 2. Krunch Combo deal including chicken burger, one chicken piece and regular drink. KFC offering the deal in just Rs. This deal is valid for dine in, take away and delivery, so visit us or call or order online. Deal For 2: Rs. Patrick's Complex, Brigade Road, Bengaluru. Shanthi Uphara Shop No. Savajis No. Punjabi Raswada Shop No.

Shri Ganesh Upahar Shop No. Wimpys Brigade Road, Bangalore. McDonalds PLot No. Poompuhar Brigade Road, Bangalore.